Citizens United Productions Occupy Unmasked


Written and Directed by
Stephen K. Bannon

Produced by
David N. Bossie

Dan Fleuette

Executive Producer
Lawrence Kadish

Executive Producers
Andrew Breitbart
Laurence Solov
Glenn Bracken Evans

Executive Producer
David N. Bossie

Supervising Producer
Tien Pasco

Director of Photography
Kasey Kirby

Music By
David Cebert

Sound Design
Cheryl Ottenriter

Kasey Kirby

Appearances by
Andrew Breitbart
Bryan Carmody
Brandon Darby
Christian Hartsock
David Horowitz
Pam Key
Mandy Nagy
Anita MonCrief
Dan Sandini
Lee Stranahan

Post Production Supervisor
Kasey Kirby

Associate Producers
Lauren A. Fleming
Jeanette Schaaf

Assistant Producers
Jorge Schmidt
Wendy Colbert
Chris Sandstrom

Additional Editor
Penny Lee

Assistant Editor
Jorge Schmidt

Clearance Coordinator
Lauren A. Fleming

Research Director
JT Mastranadi

Additional Photography
Matt Gottshalk
Matt May
Jorge Schmidt
Dain Valverde
Rick Walker
Chris Winter

Motion Design
Ian Robinson

Graphic Design
Carol Hilliard
Kirk Risinger

Sound Technicians
Favio Claure
Jonathan Cohen
J.P. Whiteside
Michael Salani
Rick Hays

Mark Hoover
Brian Johnson
Douglas Wallick

Amber Gathright
Nicole Hawkyard
Cathy Kades
Carolyn Marie

Post Production
Ott House Audio
Amigo Media
SoftBox Media
Henninger Media Services

Re-Recording Mixer
Cheryl Ottenritter

Robbie Carmen

Sound Design
Cheryl Ottenritter
Richard Shapiro
Jeremy Guyre

Legal Counsel
Michael Boos
Christian Berg

Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Catts

Matt Palumbo

Jeff Marschner

Brendan McIntyre

Website Design
Kirk Risinger
Jyotsna Rachakonda

New Media
Alexa Coombs

Production Assistants
Jennifer Humphrey
Liz George
Tim Ryan
David DeJesus

Linda Britt

Best Boy
Griffin Bossie

Best Girls
Isabella Bossie
Lily Campbell Bossie
Maggie Reagan Bossie

Location Scout
William Fyfe Nelson

Gear Rental
DC Camera, LLC

Eli Morse, Altour

For Victory Film Group

Social Media
Diane Clohesy

Assistant Producers
Patrick Radoci
Diane Clohesy
Mary Beth Meredith

Michel Urich, Esq.

Special Thanks
Susan Bossie

Remi Fleuette
Carter Evans
Olivia Evans

David Smith
Hunter Smith

Elizabeth Ruiz, Freedom Center
Alicia Melvin
Kyle Vitasek

InfoCision Management Corporation
Gary Taylor

Carl Albright

Heidi Dougherty

Brad White

Mike Shonk

Matt Birkbeck
Dan Revlock

Allan Shuluga
Hannah Kraus
Melissa Yogmour

The Omada Group
Todd Grable

Matt Palumbo

HSP Direct
Jamie Hogan
Amy Paul 

Matt Schenk 

Mike Murray
Greg Christman

Additional Footage Provided By
ABCNEWS VideoSource
AP Archive
Bear Witness Pictures
Breitbart TV
Classic Images
Corbis Images
Corbis Motion
C-SPAN Archives
FILM Archives, Inc.
FramePool, Inc.
Getty Images
ITN Source
NBC Universal Archives
T3 Media
The Daily Caller
The Oregonian
White House
Andrew Marcus
Kerry Picket
Dan Eason
Dan Sandini
Bryan Carmody
Lee Stranahan
Shane Stranahan
Chris Caplan
Stephen Gutowski

Special Appreciation
The Members and Supporters of Citizens United

Board of Directors of Citizens United
Brian Berry

David N. Bossie

Douglas L. Ramsey

John Bliss

Kirby Wilbur

Ron Robinson

Citizens United Productions
in association with Victory Film Group

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.
Copyright © 2012 Citizens United
All Rights Reserved

In Memoriam Andrew Breitbart 2/1/1969-3/1/2012
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